Sigma IQ – Machine Learning Driven Account Reconciliation Engine

  Company Name : Sigma IQ

   AI Category : Finance

    Address : 1620 4th Ave, Seattle, WA, United States- 98101

   Phone : 206-713-4185

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Sigma IQ is the first enterprise-strength matching reconciliation engine built on Machine Learning. Created to launch new reconciliation use cases in less than a day, achieve a matching performance of 99%, be data-source agnostic (use with any data source or system) and provide complete logging for audit purposes, Sigma IQ is truly a next generation solution for the most challenging financial close activities. Our mission is to help finance & account teams minimize repetitive, manual tasks so they can work on higher value tasks and reduce pressure on the financial close process. Sigma IQ's platform is unique because of the following:
  • New technology= new solution to an age old problem. The improvements in Artificial Intelligence, computing power and cloud security create the opportunity to
  • Cloud based.A cloud based solution means that you can spin up new reconciliation use cases in 4-6 hours instead of 4-6 months with rules based systems.
  • Zero cost implementation.Because of the auto-implementation of the Machine Learning platform, Sigma IQ does not charge you to implement
  • Helps F&A AND Operations teams.Sigma IQ is data-agnostic and system-agnostic opening the efficient matching reconciliation to use cases in the operations side of the house as well as the financial close process.
  • Automated learning.As the team accepts or rejects matches - the Sigma IQ platform learns from those inputs to improve the underlying algorithm resulting in higher percentage of matching.
  • More control.The matching workflow is built to give you more insight into the orphans and reconciling items making comparison and resolution clearer.
  • Workflow on Your Schedule. Sigma IQ gives you the option of an automated, scheduled matching reconciliation OR on-demand reconciliations when you need to run new or special accounts.