Company Name : Senseon

   AI Category : Cybersecurity

    Address : 00 Pall Mall, London, England, , United Kingdom, London, England- SW1Y 5NQ

   Phone : +44 (0) 20 7692 5178

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Senseon is the next phase of AI cybersecurity defence, moving beyond rules-based systems that are too rigid to keep pace with emerging cyber threats and ineffective AI systems which cannot differentiate between unusual behaviour and malicious activity, often resulting in flooding security teams with false positive alerts. Senseon has developed Sensory AI for cyber defence. Just as living creatures use their senses in harmony to better understand their surroundings and potential predatory threats, Senseon harnesses its multiple senses to understand more about anomalous behaviour, building a richer and clearer picture of threats. This means it can detect and investigate attacks that other systems cannot. Senseon's AI Cybersecurity protects against all threat types, no matter how subtle, from insider threat to advanced malicious attacks.