nTeligence Corp.

  Company Name : nTeligence Corporation

   AI Category : Hardware

    Address : 19202 Warbler Way, West Windsor, New Jersey, United States- 08550

   Phone : 609-651-0070

   Website : https://www.nteligence.com/

   Email : marc.schneiderman@nteligence.com

nTeligence manufactures the Model-T. The world's most powerful* and advanced desktop AI workstation. It incorporates a 64 core microprocessor along with 10,496 CUDA cores. It runs cognition AIOS, one of the first operating systems to fully support the development of artificial intelligence applications out of the box. The environment includes infrastructure and tools for machine learning, natural language processing and understanding, operational decision support, and robotic process automation. It also includes a next generation UX framework for building lifelike 3D intelligent virtual assistants (a generation beyond Siri or Alexa), using state of the art hybrid intelligence (tm) technology. For additional information please write to info@nteligence.com