Logically – Intelligent News Curation Platform

  Company Name : TheLogically

   AI Category : Machine Learning

    Address : Brookfoot Mills (Avocet) Brookfoot Industrial Estate, Brookfoot, Brighouse, United Kingdom, Brighouse- HD6 2RW

   Phone : 07757798381

   Website : www.logically.co.uk

   Email : deomi@logically.co.uk

Logically is an intelligent news curation platform that combines the best of machine learning with human curation to address some of the key challenges posed by the misinformation sphere. Acting as a news-aggregator, media outlet, fact-checker, credibility scorer and echo chamber-buster, Logically is a collection of tools that will address the central issues surrounding credibility and bias in the news. Available as a website, phone application and chrome extension, Logically aims to help users better navigate the digital information ecosystem, with a view to improving the state of civic discourse.