Company Name : KlearStack

   AI Category : Finance & Insurance

    Address : , Pune, India- 411001

   Phone : +91 94220 84589

   Website : www.klearstack.com

   Email : askme@klearstack.com

KlearStack is an AI-based platform that helps Accounting teams across all industries to automate the data capture and data entry from Financial documents such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts, etc. and seamlessly integrates with the existing CRM software in the industries. It also offers solutions for businesses that save significant time and funds: (1) Reconciliations in foreign currency accounts (2) Identifies frauds in employee expanse claims. This platform is available as a cloud SaaS service or as licensed software for private cloud or on-premises deployment. Utilize our managed labeling services, manage your own workforce, or take a hybrid approach.