Intelligent Story

  Company Name : Intelligent Story

   AI Category : Consulting

    Address : 555 California St, Suite 4925, San Francisco, CA, United States- 94104

   Phone : 6502787290

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Founded byDr. Valerie Morignat, Intelligent Story is a Business Consulting firm specializing in AI Transformation and emerging technology design.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the firm delivers services globally inAI StrategyandAI-Readiness executive education and corporate training. Dr. Valerie Morignat personally assists C-level executives in defining their AI Strategy for maximum business impact.

In working with Intelligent Story, leaders fully identify their AI opportunity, develop their roadmap to success, take control of ethical risks, reskill their workforce, and foster the ethically aligned AI-Ready business culture needed to thrive.

We have top expertise in pivotal industries and sectors: Healthcare, Tech, Education, Advertising, Marketing, Media, Design, Environment, FinTech, Business Services, Government, etc. Our clients are of all sizes in every sector, from startups to large companies and government agencies.

Intelligent Story is built upon recognized industry expertise in AI and Machine Learning technologies, AI-First business strategy, and UX Design across the XR ecosystem, as well as research expertise in Philosophy, Ethics, Cognitive Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Film and Interactive fiction, Arts and Design.