Company Name : iNAGO

   AI Category : Virtual Personal Assistants

    Address : 260 King Street, Suite A206, Toronto, Ontario, Canada- M5A 4L5

   Phone : +1-416-343-0032

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Making Technology Alive!

Conversational AI Assistant Platform for Products

iNAGO is a leading provider of intelligent conversational assistants for automotive, mobile and home. iNAGOs netpeople technology combines Deep NLU, Automated Conversation and AI to deliver an intelligent assistant with deep product knowledge. We take product information, such as owners manuals, integrate with real-time car data, and allow OEMs to deliver intelligent and intuitive interaction right into their car. netpeople's turnkey solution delivers content and services, interactive voice manual, control of car features and more, to give drivers the user experience they want and need.

Product and Solution Overview

  • netpeople Intelligent Assistant Platform
    • A software platform for Human-like conversational assistants to enable an intelligent and intuitive interaction with devices
  • netpeople Assistants
    • Assistant applications that converse with users to provide Product Information (Voice Manual), Music Weather, Address Lookup and more
  • netpeople Tools
    • Easy to use tools for development, maintenance and analytics
  • Business Benefits:
    • Enabling OEM to increase customer engagement, product knowledge and usage of the product
  • Technical Benefits:
    • Preset services and API for fast & efficient delivery of connected services

Technology Overview

  • Context Aware Conversational NLU Software
  • Cloud-based NLU Assistant Platform with web tools and analytics
  • Unique system for converting product information (e.g. owners manuals) into conversational knowledge
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