Company Name : Emotibot

   AI Category : AI-as-a-Service "Emotion AI"

    Address :

   Phone : 400-831-9111

   Website : https://www.emotibot.com/

   Email : business@emotibot.com

Zhujian Intelligence was founded in 2015 by Mr. Jian Renxian, the former vice president of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute. Based on unique artificial intelligence technologies such as emotional computing, natural language processing, deep learning, knowledge engineering, and text processing, it integrates AI capabilities. In enterprise business, to empower enterprises and transform intelligent transformation, Zhujian Automation AI platform products include Bot Factory conversational AI platform, Gemini knowledge engineering platform, AICC solution platform, NLP natural language processing platform, Scorpio automation Machine learning platform, and 6 major platforms for WFEA super workflow automation. At present, it provides complete solutions in the fields of AI+finance, AI+enterprise, AI+health care, AI+manufacturing, AI+intelligent terminal, AI+government and other fields.