Company Name : EAIGLE

   AI Category : Computer Vision - Gen

    Address : 3600 Steeles Ave East, Markham, Ontario, Canada- L3R 9Z7

   Phone : +1 (866) 832-6350

   Website : https://eaigle.com/

   Email : contact@eaigle.com

EAIGLE is a Canadian company based in Markham, ON that has developed a solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in essential service facilities, public spaces, hospitals, retails stores, warehouses using a computer vision platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. EAIGLE enables various organizations across multiple industries to monitor crowd, count the number of people, measure their body temperature non-intrusively, flag people with elevated body temperature in real-time and automatically sends an alarm. This solution allows organizations to execute their infection control and prevention strategies effectively and help to ensure a safe environment for their employees, consumers and the general public. The technology enforces social distancing through its crowd monitoring features by counting the number of people coming in and out of the facility and measure their body temperature without any interruption in the flow of traffic, minimizing human interaction and lowering the risk involved for employees and staff. Data findings are converted automatically to a report form for further analysis, which enables companies to discover actionable data insights and implement sound decisions throughout the crisis. Unlike other thermal measurement products in the market, EAIGLE offers a multifunctional solution and not just a product. The AI platform is designed for long term usage, during and after the crisis, with future economic benefits. Given the current situation, itís crucial for businesses to implement the right measures to address workplace health and safety and the ability to keep up with the operation.