Company Name : Botodata

   AI Category : Machine Learning Startups

    Address : Keletskaya, Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine- 21000

   Phone : +1 415 449-8696

   Website :

   Email :

Botodata is a machine learning, data science, AI and software development company. We design, develop and deploy machine algorithms made specifically for you. We're inspired by the capability of ML and AI to transform any business, and we're happy to be involved. We started Botodata in 2019 with an idea to combine science, technology, and business to build the future.
After getting a university degree in computer science, our lives could never be the same again. We wanted to solve real-world problems using our knowledge of programming, mathematics, and statistics. This quest for self-realization brought us in software development. We started building web applications using Python. About 10 years later, the world changed and what was not possible before, became possible. We founded Botodata because we're excited about advances in machine learning and AI, and we want to use the benefits they provide to make businesses more efficient, less hand-operated, and more profitable. We are a new company that thinks and acts like a startup. Weíre small, fast, and active. What's ahead of us is unknown, but we're excited to build the future. Drop us a line to email†!